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Alkoholizmus a drogové závislosti (Protialkoholický obzor) (1995-present)

Protialkoholický obzor (1965-1994)

Official abbreviated title of the Journal: Alkohol Drog Záv (Protialkohol Obz)

ISSN: 0862-0350


Alkoholizmus a drogové závislosti (Protialkoholický Obzor) is national peer-reviewed journal publishing papers on variety range of addictions since 1965. The Journal publishes 4 issues per year.

The Journal’s aims are to provide coverage of representative knowledge of addiction science with its translation into clinical practice.

The Journal’s scope spans the fields of psychiatry, psychology, pharmacology, forensic medicine, neuroscience; focusing on history, epidemiology, neurobiological and clinical research, prevention and diagnostics, psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy relating to alcohol-, drug- and behavioural addictions and antidrug policy.

Articles range through original papers, reviews, clinical practice, papers focused on forensic addictology and antidrug policy, case reports, conference reports, book reviews and excerpts. Articles are published in Slovak, Czech or exceptionally in English language, while all major sections of the journal provide abstracts of published papers in English.

The Journal is intended primarily for those in the health professions relating to addictology: psychiatrists, psychologists, other practitioners, researchers, teachers, administrators, policymakers, as well as for pregraduate and postgraduate students.


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